Campus 2015
Campus 2015

Competition Documents

In Phase 1, the competition documents consist of the competition programme (pdf) and the following attachments:

  1. A base map with the competition area outline including a position marked for the approximate point of direction of the required external perspective
  2. Town plan maps and principal planning regulations
  3. Aerial photographs (an aerial view of the competition entry must be inserted into the oblique aerial photograph)
  4. Basic information and drawings regarding existing buildings within and adjacent to the competition area
  5. Maps of the urban structure (existing and planned buildings)
  6. Metro plans
  7. Traffic plans
  8. Ground conditions and relative suitability for building
  9. Map of the nature reserve area (as background info)
  10. Information on weather conditions (as background info)
  11. Strategy of Aalto University, Strategy Implementation of School of Arts, Design and Architecture ARTS and Aalto University campus vision
  12. Future space requirements for Aalto University and the summary of spaces

Downloading of other documents requires registration and a password, which will be sent to the competitors after registration.  

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