Campus 2015
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Ainoa (135)

” A I N O A ” is a sketch – it is based on urban responsibility, constant feasibility of the learning environments, ecologic suitability and economic efficiency.

The uniqueness of the solution is based on the building mass that is earthy but has also futureorientated ecological character. The solid wide-spanned building includes the ideas of maximal convertibility and ecologic rationality.

The solution is a combination of eco-architecture and contemporary architecture. The folded shape of the building and the curving architectonic open glass wall facing the central square together with Aalto’s architecture create the heart of the campus. The curving glass wall gives unlimited opportunities to create the architecture in a unique way.

The wide span of the spaces, almost factory-like, gives particularly good possibilities in creating constantly changing - weather the size or the shape – official or unofficial learning environments all over the building.

Convertible learning environments – also pop up - will be more important in the future, especially in art schools. ”A I N O A” is a solution where all learning environments – whatever they may be in future – are easy to take into use.

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