Campus 2015
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Hipsterkasbah (75)

“We believe our biggest asset is our people. They truly make our university unique.”
– Competition brief

Instead of creating a singular landmark object to compete with Alvar Aalto’s Otaniemi, we propose a conglomerate of buildings to form an incubator of activity. The aim is to create a new areal hot‐spot, an urban concentration with vivid street life. The new project will be something currently lacking in Otaniemi: an open display of creativity. The tight street web allows most learning spaces, shops, bars and cafeterias to open to public space. The main building ingredient of the new Aalto identity will be “action”.

The new buildings will be robust and workshop‐like in character. Within the carefully considered exterior lies a whole catalogue of different adaptable spaces ready for the different faculties to exploit and enjoy. The spaces are not precious, but rather adaptable and inspiring. The permanence of the architecture is merged with ever changing content and creation.

The ARTS campus will become a global destination and incubator of great ideas.

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