Campus 2015
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The ability to continuously focus and adapt is the Lifeline for Finland in an ever so complex globe. Our society has set Aalto University on a Mission: work towards a better world by educating the visionaries of tomorrow.

The Vision of Aalto is to focus its core activities and form a multidisciplinary learning community in Otaniemi. However, former innovation policy has only led to sprawled technology parks.

Could the Metro seed a fresh public urbanism within the Otaniemi greenfield? Can the development of the T3 area give a push for everyday life and spark continuous innovation?

At current, the community in Arabia prepares for its third Exodus since Ateneum. How will the future generations of arts students encounter the legendary master on his home field?

Aalto needs to avoid the pitfalls of the recent greenfield campus developments that have only led to further isolation.

Instead, Aalto should Leapfrog to become a world-class university. Using a radically flexible architectural apparatus to mold a stimulating Heart of the campus, Aalto can lead the way in multidiciplinary learning and innovation. This architectural proposal will help Aalto University to take Stewardship in realising a real “campus-as-city” over the course of the following decades. The proposal forms the dream of a vibrant campus centre into a concrete Plan, which the community has been waiting for.

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