Campus 2015
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Nolli (176)

Buildings for the arts have to be strong buildings, capable of absorbing whatever treatment they receive, but they also have to be buildings that can cope with change. What this requires is an architecture that in the way it defines relationships and organises space is open ended and permissive.

In this proposal a simple organisational strategy enables the provision of flexible space, but generates a level of richness and diversity in the building’s spatial organisation that will provide a stimulating environment in which to work.

The new building also has an unusually significant role to play not just in shaping and characterising the new public spaces that will result from this project, but in defining the atmosphere and identity of the entire campus. So while the plan of the building at its core is characterised by the repetition of its structure, the configuration of its perimeter is a product of its duty to mould and clarify the external spaces that surround it. The logic of the interior always gives way to the needs of the exterior: the generic always accedes to the specific.

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